Sunday, 6 October 2013

Winter Warmers

So, it's officially October, which means... CHRISTMAS is just around the corner! 2 months precisely. That's just 79 Days, 5 hours, 36 minutes and a matter of seconds, if anyone (apart from me) is counting. For me, Christmas is the best time of the year. There's just something about the cold, crisp winter air, cuddling up by the (artificial) fire and having an excuse to eat lots and lots of rubbish.

Of course, then there's the highly anticipated arrival of Mr. Claus himself, but for me, one of the best things about Winter for me is, 100%, without a doubt, the clothes.
I get giddy just thinking about it. The HATS, the SCARVES, the ONESIES, the BOOTS... it's just too much excitement to take in.

I've become pretty obsessed with Hats a bit earlier than usual this year, and have been parading all over the shops, and online to find the best of the best cosy head warmers to keep my big old birds nest custy this winter.

The Classic Beanie's are always a good go-to hat for anytime of the year, but something about wearing one in Winter makes everything seem much more cosy and comfortable.
These simple yet satisfying ones are from the Asos Range, with prices starting from a trusty £10 up to £30, depending on what brand you go with.
But, with so many options avavilable online and on the highstreet, you can find a Boyfriend Beanie for even less, at Market stalls, online sales or a purse friendly high street shop.

Statement Hats are as popular as Statement Necklaces at the moment. The Fun, Edginess of some hats, like the ones above, scream a sense of festive cheer for this winter season, like these Felt Cat Ears hat by Helene Berman for Urban Outfitters which any feline lover (like myself) would be queuing up for in advance to represent cats in all their glory.
Some statements hats on the other hand, are too cool for school, and unfortunately, I don't
portray enough coolness to pull off some of those hats, like the River Island Curb Chain Leopard Truck Hat at the top.
One statement hat I am loving at the moment is the 'High Brows' Beanie Hat by Black Score that Care Delevingne has been rocking lately.

I love this girl and how different her style is. Only she could pull off those bold eyebrows, funky hats, unique, laid back style and still be the Model of the Moment.


I've always been a Beanie girl myself, but since seeing the new Fedora Hats that are out this winter, I think I've fell in love with them this season. There is just something so slick, cool and chilled out about a Fedora bearing winter outfit, paired with a long winter coat, and a casual pair of heeled boots to top it off. River island have a cute collection out at the moment like some of the above, starting at £22 but i'm sure if your a bargin hunter, shops like Primark and New Look won't be too far behind in bringing out their own purse-friendly range.

After all, Tis' the Season (almost!) to wear a Fedoraaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Let us know about any of your favourite winter warmers, maybe you like to customise
your own hats? Or know some cool tips to getting that best Winter hair
after a bad case of Hat hair? Let us Know!!



  1. Yay, the Christmas season is definitely one of the best times of the year agreed (also getting exciting & counting down)! :-)

    The only type of hats we wear are beanies but not sure they actually suit us? Haha, hats are a real difficult one to get right. The cat ears hat is so different.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Yesssss so glad someone else is as excited:) hats are really hard, it all depends really on your head shape, but if you like something, just go for it.
      Thanks for checking out our blog girls.xx