Monday, 17 February 2014

London Fashion Week Edeline Lee A/W Collection

Turned out collars, oversized jackets and square brocade designs... the Edeline Lee A/W collection really caught our eyes at London Fashion Week. We have only started to put away our heavy jackets and boots and prepare for the coming spring months and now we can not wait for the winter time to roll around again. 

Canadian born Edeline Lee is a firm favourite of women in the art world. Her collections incorporate feminine shapes with clean modern lines and precise attention to detail are shown through her range. 

Her A/W 2014-2105 line brings a range of bold prints, block colouring and asymmetrical lines to the catwalk in a collection that is both modest and yet contemporary. 

All hail the beloved plimsol... the fashion God's have been good to us this year and this winter our feet will be forever grateful. This means that we can all put away those stilettos and pull out our comfy and now stylish plimsols. 

We have one more day until we say goodbye to London Fashion Week. Have you been inspired by what you have seen on the catwalk this year? Or have you fallen in love with a new designer? 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Lipstick Review

I don't know about you, but I am normally not a big fan of red lipstick. If you don't find the right colour to suit you.... it can go disastrously wrong... trust me!

Over the past couple of weeks I have heard a lot about Bobbi Brown's Old Hollywood range and in particular their red lipstick. So I thought I would conquer my fear and try it out.

I love Bobbi Brown makeup! The packaging is beautiful and they have a timeless elegance to them. Looks great in my makeup bag too!

Before applying lipstick, I always make sure that my lips are in a good condition i.e not cracked or dry so that the colour will stay on all night long. I usually exfoliate my lips by mixing Vaseline and sugar. This works as a great DIY exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth.

To make my lips look fuller I used a red lip liner and gently outlined my lips. Next I applied the lipstick. It is extremely easy to apply unlike other lipsticks and covers your lips very well. With the lipstick now firmly on, I used a clear pressed powder (miss sporty £1.50- bargain) to help it set and last longer..... and voilà!

I would definitely purchase a Boobi Brown lipstick again. For £19.00 they might be a bit pricey but you can't put a price on quality and this product is definitely worth it.

Bobbi Brown have a wide range of lipsticks in all shades and colours. Shop today! Don't miss out... you won't look back.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Bleach London Super Cool Colours Rosé Review

HELLO beautiful's!
I'm actually really excited about this blog, since I have recently fell in love.
The affection of my heart has come in the form of Super Cool New Hair Products, Bleach London.
Now, for a girl who is endlessly changing my hair (poor hair) and lacking in any form of giving my poor old barnet a rest every now and then, when I first heard about Bleach London and their products, you could say my ears jumped for joy whilst my hair cried for some sanity.
Naturally a Brunette, I have been messing with my hair since I was about 15 years old.
From stealing my sister's clip in Hair Extensions at a young age, to dying my hair every colour under the sun, I can't actually remember the last time my hair has actually had a nice little holiday (soz)!

Enter, Bleach London.
The stylish, funky brand has seen its way circulate around the hair industry as of late, purely for their amazing colours, exciting new twists on dip-dying products and the ability to transform your hair from flab to fab in about 15 minutes (according to the bottle).

I fell slightly in love with two of the colours, the Parma Violets Super Cool Colour and the Rosé Super Cool Colour.
Unfortunately, for an unknown and depressing reason, the Parma Violets has gone into recall (boo) so I ended up hunting around numerous Boots shops until I found one that actually stocked them.
The colours themselves look quite vibrant and scary to me, someone who has only really ever had the guts to get highlights or dip-dye my hair, instead of actually going for the full bleach blonde look, so I went for the beautiful Rosé Colour.

For only £5, the price for these beautiful bleach's are amazing! And to make it even better, the colours wash out in 2-10 washes. So, if like me, you'd rather test drive the engine before buying the car, or you fancy a different hair colour for the weekend then these are perfect.

My hair before using the bleach was dip-dyed, but since my hair was quite dark before, I would say the ends of my hair were more a dirty-dark blonde than a full on blonde, so I knew that the colour would come out a bit darker than it looked in the bottle.
(It does state on the bottle that the colour works best on light-bleached blonde hair)

The directions are pretty simple too. You shampoo your hair beforehand and wash it out, apply the bleach where you want it, let it set for 15 minutes, then wash out with warm water and hey presto, you have been Bleached London.
No really, it's that simple.

Being the unprepared person I am, I didn't have anything at home to mix the bleach into, so I used the first thing I came across that seemed to do the job; an old unused ashtray.
It actually worked really well and now I have a cool funky bleach stained ashtray that looks like an art piece in itself!

After smothering the ends of my hair in it, I allowed it to set for just over 15 minutes to make sure that I got the best results since my hair isn't a light blonde colour.
I was actually really surprised how NICE the bleach smelt! Usually, from experience, when using Bleach or Hair Dye products, I would have to stick my head out the window for a moment of fresh air, but the smell wasn't overpowering or made me feel like I was suffocating and was quite subtle which was a nice change.

After the 15 minutes, I rinsed the colour out, and watched as the bright pink fell down the plug whole, frightened I had just made a huuuuge mistake!
Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. The colour was subtle, a bit
brighter in places I had focused on a bit more and blended in surprisingly well with what now feels like hundreds of other colours in my hair.

I don't really think the picture does it much justice, but i'm pretty much in love with how it turned out. I've actually done it again since doing this one and moved the colour slightly up my hair a little bit more, so I think it's safe to say i'm a bit addicted.

One of my favourite things about the bleach is how amazingly soft my hair felt afterwards. I have honestly never used a bleach that hasn't dried my hair out before this, so I fell even harder for it when my locks felt brand new.
The only downside is that after loving the colour, I wish it lasted a little bit longer since it is only a temporary colour, but I hope after the success of these (even if it's just me buying them for the next few months!) that Bleach London release permanent Super Cool Colour bleach products.
I am now a new bleach convert and my hands are already twitching to try out some of the other beautiful colours!

Let me know if you have any other great hair dye/bleach products,
i'm a little bit obsessed now!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

We HEART Miss Selfridge

We are loving this season's collection at Miss Selfridge. Their Autumn/Winter collection is a combination of  Gothic Glam with bursts of unexpected colours. Faux-fur, embellishments and prints are prominent throughout this collection. 

Here are our favourite pieces from Miss Selfridge at the moment: 

Maria's Top Three: 

I am a little bit obsessed with this playsuit.... and this gorgeous headdress..... oh and THOSE EMBELLISHED HEELS! OH MY WOW! This outfit is a prime example if the overall feel to this seasons collection as it is very feminine but with a gothic twist. 

*The playsuit is £39.00, the embellished heels £65.00 and the pearl flower headdress is only £10.00 

Pini's Top Three:

I love a good little embellishment and this top is just love to my eyes. It's perfect for a night out mixed with a gorge pair of leather leggings and killer heels, or a more casual evening with some plain skinny jeans and these beautiful lace wedges for that little bit extra.
Lace and Embellishments are my favourite things at the moment, so mixing them together is my kind of heaven.
Finishing off the look with understated yet classic jewellery like this bargain heart ring, to give it that extra something, whilst not distracting from the beauty of the embellished top is perfect.
-Miss S. also has some wicked printed Jeans in at the moment, check out their Floral Jacquard Skinny Jeans or the Green Snow Wash Jeans. There beautiful!
*The Embellished top is £39.00, the gold heart shaped ring is £5.00 and the lace wedges are £20.00 
Are you loving Miss Selfridge right now as much as we are? Let us know what your favourite pieces are at the moment so we can check them out and bleed our bank dry!
Pini & Maria


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Gold Digger....Part 2

Hey everyone, 

So you might of already read our Gold Digger Part 1 blog post with our favourite gold rings at the moment, and we haven't stopped there. What good is a ring without a gorgeous necklace to go with it? 

One of the best things about having a sister is that when you start to get bored of your jewellery you just have to creep over to her jewellery stand (try not to get caught) and "borrow" some pieces from her. 

Each tine one of us returns from a shopping spree, the other will rummage through the bags to find any accessories they can possibly steal in the future. This month we are loving gold jewellery and here are some of the best necklaces we have found on our shopping hunts. 

The Chunky Gold Collection 

Above: USC & New Look

Above: Absolutely in love with this necklace from River Island

We love hearing what you guys think. Which one is your favourite and do you have an ultimate go-to necklace that you love? 

Pini & Maria

Friday, 18 October 2013

Gold Digger! Part 1....

As you all already know, we both love jewellery! From vintage necklaces to statement rings, we love everything that is both gold and shiny.

Over the past month we have collected (and spent a fortune) on some great pieces of jewellery and we wanted to share our finds with all you beautiful people.


Maria: I am not going to lie, most of these rings are Pini's! I love it when she comes home from shopping as I always know she will have a new ring that I can steal. My two favourites are the gold mickey mouse ball looking ring and the turquoise round ring in the third picture.
Pini: Rings are my all time favourite accessory; I have a bit of an obsession with them.
It is inevitable that anytime I step into a shop, I will walk out with a new favourite to add to my collection.
I like statement rings, but to me that doesn't necessarily mean big and bold. It can mean anything from quirky and cute to different and daring. (Still on the look out for a gorgeous spike ring- let me know if you have any good finds)
We love finding new and quirky accessories so let us know some of your favourite places to dig them out!
 Pini and Maria

Friday, 11 October 2013

Liebster Award!

Hey everyone,

We are so excited to be nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Gemma who's blog Touch of Belle is really brilliant. Check out her blog now

This award is given out to new bloggers who deserve recognition for their fantastic blog posts.

So here is how it works:

      ·         Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you
·         Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award

·         Set 11 questions for your own nominees to answer

·         And just let the other 11 people that you have nominated them and send them a link to your post.
So here are the questions Gemma has asked us:
1. How old are you?
Maria- I am 23 and will be turning 24 in March. I am a proud Pisces
Pini- I've just turned 21. That is it for me I don't plan on getting any older.
2. How would you describe your style?
Maria- I love fashion and am quite girly at heart. I love midi skirts, bright colours, huge heels (the bigger the better) and statement jewellery.
Pini- I have more of a individual and laid back style. I prefer darker colours with bright and unique accessories.
3. What's your favourite type of post to write?
Maria- We are really new at this but we have loved writing posts so far. I love writing about beauty products as when it comes to other blogs I love reading reviews from real people before I make a purchase.
Pini- I'm with Maria on this one, I also love everything fashion related so I will definitely be blogging more about fashion in the future.
4. What is your winter must have?
Maria- Scarfs! I am a bit obsessed with scarfs, I must have millions in my wardrobe and I can't wait for the temperature to drop a bit so I can go shopping to extend my collection further.
Pini- Definitely hats! The right hat can definitely completely transform an outfit. There especially great for bad hair days when your hair is lifeless and flat and a hat can save it from flab to fab within seconds.
5. Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
We would say it is all about interacting with people. Don't be afraid to out yourself out  there, we have had some great feedback and everyone has been so sweet.
6. How long have you been blogging for?
Maria- About 2 weeks
Pini- Um I would say 3 weeks.
Maria- Alright know it all, respect your elders haha.
7. What are your "go to" hair styles?
Maria- This season is all about the "done but un-done" look. I work within the hair industry and have been on some amazing photo shoots where I have picked up some great hair tips. The best tip I have ever got is that when you hair is feeling a little flat, spray in some dry shampoo (if you are brunette use a brown colour) but don't rub it in. The spray acts as an amazing volume product, a lot better than any mousses or hairsprays.
Pini- I hate my ears so unless i'm having a lazy day at home and my hairs up in a messy bun, you will never find me with my hair up. I much prefer my hair to be a little bit messy and look 'untouched' when really I've spent ages doing it, so my go-to is definitely a toulouse messy look.  
8. Best beauty tip or general tips?
Maria- Forget about spending all of your money on hair masks, use a good quality conditioner at the ends of your hair (not on the roots) and leave it in over night. Wash it out first thing in the morning and your hair will feel incredibly soft!
Pini- Finding a good illuminator is key for me. It can completely transform your face from dull looking to bright and beautiful, with a dash of cream blusher  on top to bring your cheeks to life. Nars illuminator is my ultimate favourite.
9. What's the best thing about blogging?
We both really love writing so it is a great hobby to put down our thoughts on things we are interested in. It is also a great way to get some top tips and ideas from other bloggers about products to buy or places to go.
10. Do your family/friends know you blog? If yes are they supportive?
 Absolutely, our friends and family are always supportive of whatever we do.
11. Where do you see your blog in the future?
We just want people to enjoy what we do. We are taking it a step at a time and not thinking about the future right now.
We are nominating these brilliant bloggers:
Our questions:
1. Why did you set up your blog?
2. What is the best beauty product you have ever bought?
3. We love finding out new beauty tips, what is your best one?
4. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
5. Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
6. High street or high fashion?
7. What did you want to be when you were younger?
8. What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe?
9. Describe your style.
10. Who would be your top three people at your fantasy dinner party?

Let us know when you have filled in your questions so we can have a read!