Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Gold Digger....Part 2

Hey everyone, 

So you might of already read our Gold Digger Part 1 blog post with our favourite gold rings at the moment, and we haven't stopped there. What good is a ring without a gorgeous necklace to go with it? 

One of the best things about having a sister is that when you start to get bored of your jewellery you just have to creep over to her jewellery stand (try not to get caught) and "borrow" some pieces from her. 

Each tine one of us returns from a shopping spree, the other will rummage through the bags to find any accessories they can possibly steal in the future. This month we are loving gold jewellery and here are some of the best necklaces we have found on our shopping hunts. 

The Chunky Gold Collection 

Above: USC & New Look

Above: Absolutely in love with this necklace from River Island

We love hearing what you guys think. Which one is your favourite and do you have an ultimate go-to necklace that you love? 

Pini & Maria


  1. All of these pieces are beautiful!!! I loveeeee the gold chunky necklaces and that last heart pendant is so romantic <3333 Thank you for sharing this with us lovelies! xx

  2. Awww thank you that is so sweet. I love the chunky one too. Pini brought it home for me one day because she knew I was having a bad day. Jewellery always cheers me up, Maria x

  3. Lovely necklaces, particularly the one with the crystals :o). Xx


  4. Thank you Charlotte. Just been looking at your blog, it is so great :-) x