Friday, 18 October 2013

Gold Digger! Part 1....

As you all already know, we both love jewellery! From vintage necklaces to statement rings, we love everything that is both gold and shiny.

Over the past month we have collected (and spent a fortune) on some great pieces of jewellery and we wanted to share our finds with all you beautiful people.


Maria: I am not going to lie, most of these rings are Pini's! I love it when she comes home from shopping as I always know she will have a new ring that I can steal. My two favourites are the gold mickey mouse ball looking ring and the turquoise round ring in the third picture.
Pini: Rings are my all time favourite accessory; I have a bit of an obsession with them.
It is inevitable that anytime I step into a shop, I will walk out with a new favourite to add to my collection.
I like statement rings, but to me that doesn't necessarily mean big and bold. It can mean anything from quirky and cute to different and daring. (Still on the look out for a gorgeous spike ring- let me know if you have any good finds)
We love finding new and quirky accessories so let us know some of your favourite places to dig them out!
 Pini and Maria


  1. Gorgeous jewellery girls! :) Like the new background! Beth xox

  2. Thanks Beth! We had so much fun taking these pictures. x